Maximize Holiday Sales: Leveraging SMS Marketing Strategies

SMS is expected to be the next most powerful marketing tool to increase brand publicity and business. According to a research study, it was found that 98% of Americans opened SMS messages. The ubiquitous nature of smart phones displays the exponential potential to spread brand knowledge and garner attention through text messages. As July 4th approaches, our team at Upccell would like to share the success our brands have experienced with SMS marketing and specifically with promotional campaigns.

Brands that leveraged the power of SMS marketing during Holiday seasons saw unprecedented engagement and conversion rates. We found that those who sent out campaigns during this time generated more traffic to their site within the month and in turn more orders. More than half of Upccell’s brands that took advantage of SMS marketing during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and July 4th noticed an increase in sales by 20%. Among the campaigns being sent, those that included a Special Holiday Promotion (BOGO, free shipping, etc.) or Special Sales with MMS attached generated an additional 10% in sales. Holiday’s present a great opportunity to reel in more orders and increase revenue by at least 30% so come take advantage of this time through our platform.

Beyond driving sales, other benefits to SMS marketing include immediate action and enhanced engagement. Utilizing Upccell’s conversation feature allows for immediate conversations surrounding orders and questions/inquiries. The conversation feature also allows for enhanced engagement through tailored messages with customers and real-time communication. Customers can converse with brands for more details on Holiday promotions and can keep them informed about inventory status updates. This ultimately boosts conversion rates by retaining a loyal customer base and ensuring high customer satisfaction.

As the Fourth of July approaches, our team at Upccell wanted to share the incredible success we’ve experienced with our promotional campaigns. By leveraging this powerful channel, we’ve not only driven sales and conversions but also strengthened brand loyalty and customer relationships. Stay tuned for more updates and insights from Upccell. Let’s continue to celebrate every Holiday and take advantage of the opportunities that can come out of it!