Automation – Initial message for new subscriber

User Guide for New Subscriber Initial Message Automation

Automate your SMS campaigns for seamless customer engagement.

Part 1: Overview of Automation

Automation Type: New Subscriber Initial Message (Default)

Purpose: This automation is a mandatory feature designed to introduce your brand to newly registered subscribers. It also serves as a means to gather subscribers’ preferences, including their choice to opt-out of future communications.

Part 2: Setup Process

Default Setup: The New Subscriber Initial Message is automatically configured for all accounts.

Viewing the Initial Message:

  1. Navigate to the ‘Automations’ page.
  2. Select ‘View message’ from the option menu to review the currently set initial message.

Modifying the Initial Message:

    • To make changes, please contact our support team at
    • Any modifications should comply with our initial message policy.
    • Adding an image converts the message into an MMS format.

Part 3: Message Delivery Guidelines

Initial Message Delivery:

  1. Subscriber Import Completion: Messages are sent once the import request is processed and a completion confirmation email is sent to the brand. This process takes place during business hours.
  2. Manual Addition of Subscriber: Messages are automatically sent when a subscriber is manually added on the Subscribers page.

Credit Usage and Auto-Reload:

      • Each initial message sent incurs credit usage.
      • Importing and adding subscribers may prompt an automatic credit reload if the account’s balance is low.