How to Maximize the Trade Show Engagement with SMS Marketing

Meet “et clet,” the up-and-coming fashion brand that has taken the industry by storm. Recently, the brand participated in the MAGIC Las Vegas 2023 trade show, where they announced their attendance using an SMS marketing service. This proved to be a powerful tool for engagement, as more people stopped by their booth than ever before.

With a carefully crafted SMS message, et clet sent out a text message with their new collection image and their booth number, inviting people to come and check out their latest designs. This strategy worked like a charm, as many people were intrigued by their designs and stopped by to take a look.

At the booth, et clet had a raffle giveaway that further increased engagement and helped build brand awareness. The giveaway was a hit, and attendees were thrilled to take part in the event.
Following the success of the MAGIC Las Vegas show, et clet used the same SMS marketing service for the MAGIC New York show the following week. They sent out messages inviting people to their booth and offering a sneak peek at their latest designs.

The benefit of SMS marketing was clear: it provided a direct line of communication with potential customers and helped build excitement for the brand’s presence at the trade shows. By sending targeted messages that included pictures and booth numbers, et clet was able to engage with a broader audience and generate more traffic to their booth. The campaign helped them attract more people to their booth, resulting in increased sales and revenue. The giveaway raffle also provided an added incentive for customers to visit their booth and learn more about their products.


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