How EPTM Uses Upccell to Build a Community of Happy Customers


EPTM is a fashion forward street brand that offers timeless silhouettes at an affordable price point. They partnered with one of the best fabric suppliers, dye houses, and sewing factories in the industry to offer a premium product that is without compromise. Based in the heart of the Men’s Fashion District in Downtown Los Angeles, they take their inspiration from their surroundings and have continued to soar in the street fashion industry. EPTM.’s best selling Curved Bottom Long Tees come in more than 50+ variations of colors and fabric so that you can get the perfect look to match your style.


Weekly New Drops & SMS Campaign

EPTM has found that sending weekly SMS campaigns on Fridays is the most effective way to engage with their subscribers. This approach allows them to notify their audience about new drops instantly, as the message is delivered to their phone within seconds. Last February, EPTM attended Project Las Vegas as one of the main vendors. To spread the news and keep their subscribers informed, they turned to Upccell’s campaign feature. This allowed them to share key information such as the date and booth number with their subscribers. Thanks to the conversational features offered by Upccell, subscribers could easily reply with any questions they had about the trade show and receive immediate answers.


Up to 40x ROI on Weekly SMS Campaigns

Using Upccell’s built-in mobile catalog and SMS campaign together, EPTM generated 7 orders totaling $9,722 within a mere 19 minutes of sending the scheduling campaign at 10 AM. This shows that subscribers received the text promptly, opened it immediately, clicked the mobile catalog link, and placed their orders. The quick response and engagement they received from subscribers upon announcing a new drop is why EPTM continues to value Upccell as their primary marketing and sales platform.


What’s Next for EPTM and Their SMS Strategy?

On their way to becoming the biggest street brand, EPTM sees SMS as a vital component of their marketing strategy. They are committed to using text messaging to create personalized experiences for their customers, drive engagement, and foster a strong community. Most importantly, they are eager to explore the full potential of SMS campaigns, which enable brands to engage in one-on-one conversations with their customers. With Upccell, EPTM is confident that they can take their brand to the next level and provide exceptional service to their loyal customers.


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